figrin1 (figrin1) wrote in ewwriters_guild,

New Year Approaches

Okay guys, sadly summer is coming to a close. Savor what you still have left of it, but the time has come to start planning the club game plan for this year. I'm just going to open with this:

What would you like to change about the club? About meetings? About the writing parties?

Alternately, what do you want to make sure stays the same?

Should we change when/where we meet?

Last year we did a less free-form style meeting where we discussed the importance of characters and (sort of) worked on developing them. Do you think we should try more of these kinds of meetings, or do you like the free-formed ones?

Any other thoughts/ideas?

Note: Elena, or anyone else, should message me on MSN @ ewhsgroshongd @ (no spaces).
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