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Here are the fruits of our labor from this past meeting, which I so generously typed for all you lazy people. If you're interested in scriptwriting, grab a plot and head on over to Script Frenzy. If you don't feel like writing a script, then write something else. But I think Script Frenzy is a much better idea, because then you actually get something out of it. :D

"Two men burst through the [bathroom] door, guns blazing." go from there

The aftermath of the toppling of Big Ben.

Young farm boy after the brutal murders of his aunt and uncle, finds that he must rush off to meet someone he doesn't know, to go on a journey he doesn't comprehend, on a galactic scale/UNDER WATER??

Person gets trapped in the Library of Congress at night, crazy events ensue

Man gets transformed into a pair of slinky red heels

Students revolt to bring back Warrior Period

Old cat lady with lots of cats, falls in love with a retired man who actually has five dogs

Old teacher addicted to pain meds

Boy obsessed with video games gets transported to 1770 --> NO TV!!!

Top student secretly moonlights as the Mexican Strangler on the weekends

Modern day Greece where the volcano never erupted and Greece took over the world

A world where all oceans and seas are controlled by Macedonia, but they have no land

Kenya tries to take over Antarctica

Last days of famous people who died

Che Guevara was actually a pacifist

Che Guevara loses his hat

Janitor discovers secret plot (what makes a janitor into an action hero)

What if Narcissus discovered that he had an identical twin?

"Yay for gun powder." go from there

Modern, non-volcanic Greece come from future to attack Aztecs with gunpowder

Group of odd private detectives, man dies at their meeting, holding strange object, they investigate, some connection to Elder Realm


Ninja-Pirate-Zombies, completely serious
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"Che Guevara loses his hat" <3333333