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First of all, merci Figrin, for reminding my about this.
So, here is an excerpt from a script I'm writing. People should tell me if it makes any sort of sense as an excerpt, or if I should dig out part of my nanowrimo.

I'm going to try and recruit some people outside the club to submit, everyone else do it to!

I think we should just officially cancel club for tomorrow? I could go and man it, but then there would be about four people there, if we were lucky. Wow. Everyone, do your best at recruitment for next year!!! Tell them about the bubble tea and DDR if necessary (try not to make it all about that, though)!!! I WANT MEMEBERS!!!

So here is an excerpt. There are others I could choose, or a different piece altogether. Just don't expect a poem or short story- I generally don't write those.


WOMEN and GIRLS of all ages sit around a stove sewing. A door opens, blowing in snow, and they look up at two men who walk in.

The SUPERINTENDENT stamps his feet, drawing evil eyes from the women for the snow he deposits on the floor.



TEN YEAR OLD ANNIE looks up from the dress she is sewing.


Come over here for a minute, dear.

Annie puts down her sewing and goes over to the men. The Superintendent motions the other man, HE-WOLF, a burly middle aged man, forward.


Annie, this is Mister-

The Superintendent's next words are drowned out by a young girl shrieking at a spider she found in a basket. The Superintendent winces and ignores the resulting hubbub.


-and he and his wife-

His words are again drowned out by one of the women screaming as the spider scuttles towards her. The Superintendent can be seen saying a name, but no one can hear what it is.


-someone to help out with the farm and

family chores.

He turns to He-Wolf.


This is Phoebe Ann Mosey, you can call

her Annie like everyone else. I think

she'll work out just fine for you.

He turns back to Annie.


It's a nice house, Annie, and it'll be

good for you, I think. How about it?

Annie stares at the Superintendent, then the He-Wolf.


They'll send you to school.

Annie smiles.




Yes, really, Annie.


Oh, of course, of course!

She twirls to her seat, then quickly gathers her things with her head down to avoid the disapproving gazes of the women. She leaves the room. She comes back moments later with a small ratty suitcase, and approaches the men.


I'll be able to see my Mama?


You can even learn to write to her.

Annie nods, and follows the Superintendent and the He-Wolf into the snow.
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I'm really sorry, I should have posted this much earlier, but I passed out earlier today and just woke up.

I'm not going to be able to make tomorrow's meeting: I'm having my wisdom teeth removed and will be bleeding profusely from the mouth for a prolonged period of time. I know that Calvin isn't going to be able to make it either, but if you guys end up meeting anyway, here's a brief outline of what I would've brought up:

Car Wash
We have the forms in for our car wash. I requested Memorial Day, but if that doesn't fall through it may have to be on Saturday or Sunday. I'm going to call in as soon as my mouth is good enough to talk and see when we're signed up to do it.

Writer's Block
Talking to Calvin I've heard that we haven't had too many Block submissions. If you guys have your submissions done it'd be great if you get the to Calvin as soon as possible (unless you already have). If you don't have them done- hurry hurry!

* * *
I called Top Foods today to confirm the car wash and it seems there was a bit of confusion. Upon reaching the store's manager he asked me if I had turned in the right paperwork- something which hadn't been mentioned to me when I had called on Wednesday. All-in-all though they said that another group had already signed up to do a car wash on the date we wanted, so things just aren't going to work out.
I'm really sorry for any plans this may have ruined. I suppose we can look on the bright side though- it doesn't look as though it's going to really be car wash weather tomorrow. I'm going to try getting to Calvin and anyone else I can contact to make sure no one arrives at Top tomorrow alone and confused.

P.S. I'm going to be stopping at Top Foods this weekend to pick up the paperwork so that we can perhaps do this next weekend.

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Ok, guys. The time has come for us to raise the funds needed to get our Writer's Block published. As of now I've called Top Foods about 3 times, and we're about an inch away from being cleared for the car wash. I'll be calling tomorrow at 8:00 AM to confirm that they're available, and then things are a go. To make sure everyone is going to be prepared I'm going to go over all the info you'll need to help us reel in some phat sacks of cash.

The car wash is going to be going down on the south side of the Top Foods parking lot (Top Foods is located on Highway 99 and 212th street, right down the street from our school). We are scheduled to use the parking lot from 12-7 PM, so we'll have quite a while to wash, and we can start whenever you guys are comfortable (preferably around early afternoon). How long we stay will just depend on how long it takes for us to wimp out. Hopefully this will work for everyone, from the notes I took on Monday no one's schedule should be conflicting. Realistically as far as time goes, I don't see us starting any earlier than about 1:00 and then working for any more than 3 hours.

As far as what everyone needs to bring:

-Clothes suitable for washing cars. Nothing too nice!

-And here's the list of what people volunteered to bring from last meeting, one per person (if you can still bring it) will be fine.

-Buckets: Clarissa, Katy and I
-Soap: Me
-Hose: Calvin or I
-Rags: Calvin or I
-Squegee: Calvin, Katy or Clarissa
-Sponges: Clarissa

-Also try to bring some cash in case you want to get something to snack on while we work, and for Bubble Tea afterwards.

Hopefully everything will go well and we'll make lots of money! Wish for sunshine! After we're done we'll pack up and head to Yunnie's Bubble Tea to relax and see what we've accomplished.

Also: Stefan has agreed to help us out by bringing his Bigfoot suit and some sweet dance moves. I'll provide music and we'll definitely attract a lot of attention.
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You all know you want them. Who wouldn't want to immortalize the amazing drawing of the Block being stabbed by a fountain pen? And they're black, so we can pretend to be all artsy.

And fact of the matter is, you all need to get them. At least of the members that are on this LJ, we have 14 members. We need a minimum of 12 to get the order. And then we will get a free one for Quinn. The poor thing really needs some new sweatshirts.

THE CLUB NEEDS YOU! Get a sweatshirt! Support us! Let all of us get sweatshirts- please don't be selfish. No one feeds a selfish writer. I will personally give cookies to everyone who orders sweatshirts. Please either post back here with your size and any personalization you want, or contact me at the next meeting.

And spread the word- I suppose if someone who isn't currently in the group reeeally wanted one of the super-amazing sweatshirts, it would be a good opportunity to convert them... mwahaha.

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Calvin, you never told me your email and I'm too lazy to go find it. Anyway, here's my Block entry. You'd better be grateful I'm giving you one at all. It's only because of NaNo. Otherwise it would have been a fanfiction. You guys who aren't Calvin can read it if you really want to, I guess. (Read: don't look at it!) But if you do, you'd better leave a comment or else I will personally hunt you down. THIS COMMUNITY SUPPORTS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM OR ELSE.

Okay. Now I really hope I didn't make some really dumb mistake while I was cutting this. Oh shoot. Look at my formatting go down the drain. Thanks a lot, club layout.

Oh hey, wait! I know what I'll do! I'll post this on my LJ, so the formatting isn't all ruined. Ahaha.

...Actually, that is a stupid idea. But I guess I'm doing it anyway.

( don't click me! don't read me! )

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Well it's that time when the club really needs to buckle down, because we have this little writing magazine called the 'Writer's Block' that needs to get done. Last club we managed to choose the template and organize the cover page for the magazine. A large part of the Block is writing pieces from club members. I had previously handed out submission forms for the Block, but I either ran out or they were too small they were lost. So, I'll conventietly repost it.

So just e-mail that to me (I believe most of you know my e-mail, I think), give me a hard copy, or post it here on the club's LJ. As in regards to the submissions themselves; there cannot be any profanity, inapprioate content, etc. Also the submission cannot be longer then 3 1/2 pages in Times New Roman. Also if you have any friends that write (and aren't in the club, but should be) then have them send me/give me a copy of a work if they want it submitted in the block. If you have any other questions regarding submissions and the guidelines fill free to leave a comment or ask me in person. At the current moment May 15th is the deadline for submissions.

Also we're considering two possible car washes on the 12th and 19th to earn money for the magazine and the club in general. This is still fairly vague at the moment so if you have any further ideas/comments/suggestions about this please leave a comment.

And finally is club sweatshirts. Technically this is now Elena's department, but the ball needs to roll. Basically if you're interested in getting a sweatshirt leave a comment saying so. We need at least 12 people to order. (The sweatshirts are going to be roughly $32 with the personalized back, $26 without) It is possible if there is excess money from the car wash(es) that money from there could be used for sweatshirts.

That about sums up. Thanks and write well~
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I think an update for the LJ has been due, and I'd kind of like to talk about our next meeting coming up this Thursday. We haven't a meeting for three weeks, and it's been even longer since we held one in it's entirety- with an activity. Because it's been so long I think it's really important that everyone makes a good effort to come this time around, it would be really terrible if we had to cancel again due to lack of attendance.

To kind of twist things around I think we may actually discuss some writing methodology, and then do an activity based around what we've discussed. I've already compiled a powerpoint on the importance of characters, and what each of a story's characters should include. The stuff on the actual powerpoint is going to be less of a laundry list though, it'll be some basic framework on how important character change is, and the extent to which characters can be the focus of a story. I'm hoping that we can discuss things like this to get an idea of the different ways other writers approacht things like this. The activities that we'll have to choose from will let everyone kind of play with the things we take from the discussion.

This is, of course, all dependant on if everyone would be interested in doing this. If there is a different subject you guys would like to discuss this meeting, or for meetings in the future please please include it on a comment here. Doing what people want is so much better/easier than guessing what they might like. This all also awaits approval of Elena as well.

Good luck in all your writing endeavors, hope to see you guys Thursday.

P.S. It is rumored that Calvin and I are going to face off in a DDR match after the meeting. It will truly be a battle of Titans. My only fear is that my skill will actually manifest itself in the form of physical flames- if the D100 flex area teachers find Calvin's scorched carcass in the classroom they probably won't let us use it again.
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I thought I'd give an update on the point count that has long been un-updated. Currently Lisa has a two point lead, since Dustin and Elena no longer count for points due to their new 'powers.'

As some of you know, we had to cancel our club's viewing of Stranger Than Fiction last week due to lack of attendance and technical equipment. It is a current pending decision if that will be the club agenda for the next meeting.

But we;re also getting ready to begin work on the Writer's Block. So...if you have something you want to submit, feel free to start searching and/or brainstorming. I will have an LJ submission section so the collection of submissions can begin. If you want to help out making the block let me know.

For those who have recently joined the club LJ, be sure to introduce yourselves in the introductions post (which I believe to be in the club memories).

One last reminder! There is a writing party on April 14th at Yunnie Bubble Tea @ 1 p.m. Mark your calendars!

To club officers:
Dustin-you're in charge of fundraising.
Elena-you're charge of sweatshirt recruiting. We need at least 12 people to order to actually make an order. I believe the personalized back hoodie is $32 and the non-personalized is $26. (There is a previous club post about this.)
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Hello Faithful Writer's Guild Members!

For those of you interested in writing, I've found some nice little outlets for you to plug into. Both of them are 100% qualité time-killers.

You may or may not have already been to Writer's Digest, either way it's worth checking back on whenever you're in the mood. They release regular writing prompts which are usually pretty fun, and the forums let you see what other people have written in response. If you're looking at a more serious aspect, it's also got a tab that helps with those looking to get published. Everything is updated regularly, so it's worth a 5 minute skim every other week.

The American Writer's Podcast, hosted by Tom Occhipinti is a laid-back and easy-to-listen-to podcast that discusses both basic and in-depth aspects of technique and the writing process in general. I've found that it can be a fun listen to if you've felt that you want to just get ideas flowing on different aspects of writing which you've been neglecting, or if you just need something to listen to while working. You can subscribe to it by searching for "Tom Occhipinti", and subscribing to it (free) through the iTunes Store. The podcast's
corresponding home page (which isn't nearly as exciting or useful) can be found here.

Good luck.
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