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The Last Stand

No club on Thursday. Decided not to fight against the Yearbook rush.

Writing Party at Yunnie Bubble Tea this Saturday @ 1 (as the usual), the last one for this school year.

Sooooooo.....this will most likely be my last post as leader of Writer's Guild. In which that time I had leading the club. From a floundering social hub-bub where people just talked and ate lunch to an actual writing community (somewhat). And even though there wasn't a Writer's Block this year, I thought the club had developed a great deal over the past year. Even with internal leadership struggles the club managed to survive. And this club (as it is now) much stronger then it was when I first became President in my Junior year.

I hope everyone else enjoyed Writer's Guild this year. And hopefully Figrin and Elena will lead it well in the next year.

No good-byes, because I know we'll meet someday on the road of life. (This obviously referrs to the club and not individuals)
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