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Basically what I've deduced is that everyone is still willing do to do some grade-A car washing. The situation is thus:

-I'm actually at Stefan's house right now, and he's totally willing to get in his Bigfoot suit and help us wash cars.

-I can get most of the supplies for the wash myself (hose, rags, a small bucket, probably soap), though some help getting backup stuff would be nice (maybe a squeegee sponge?).
-We're completely set up at Top's for 1 o'clock.

-We don't have any signs. I can crudely piece some together beforehand though.

-I'm pretty sure Calvin is willing to come to help out, though I don't want to call his house so late at night. I think 3 people will be enough to pull off a car wash.

-Weather doesn't look like it's going to be a problem.

So overall I think we're capable of doing this. It would be absolutely awesome if other people wanted to show up and help- if you do just stop by for any amount of time between 1 and 4 and bring anything you think might help as far as washing goes.

Note to Calvin: I'll try to call you sometime tomorrow around 10-11:00
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