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there3she3goes --> my AIM
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Okay guys, sadly summer is coming to a close. Savor what you still have left of it, but the time has come to start planning the club game plan for this year. I'm just going to open with this:

What would you like to change about the club? About meetings? About the writing parties?

Alternately, what do you want to make sure stays the same?

Should we change when/where we meet?

Last year we did a less free-form style meeting where we discussed the importance of characters and (sort of) worked on developing them. Do you think we should try more of these kinds of meetings, or do you like the free-formed ones?

Any other thoughts/ideas?

Note: Elena, or anyone else, should message me on MSN @ ewhsgroshongd @ hotmail.com (no spaces).

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Sorry I didn't make the meeting today, I was at home barfing and diarrhea-ing. :(
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Just a heads up...There is a Writing Party at Yunnie Bubble Tea to-morrow @ 1. Hopefully you can make it to the last full club meet. Live a comment or e-mail figrin or I, since there were questions on attendance.

That is all.

Party canceled. No one seems to be interested and I have no time to be chasing people around right now.

Enjoy the weekend.
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No club on Thursday. Decided not to fight against the Yearbook rush.

Writing Party at Yunnie Bubble Tea this Saturday @ 1 (as the usual), the last one for this school year.

Sooooooo.....this will most likely be my last post as leader of Writer's Guild. In which that time I had leading the club. From a floundering social hub-bub where people just talked and ate lunch to an actual writing community (somewhat). And even though there wasn't a Writer's Block this year, I thought the club had developed a great deal over the past year. Even with internal leadership struggles the club managed to survive. And this club (as it is now) much stronger then it was when I first became President in my Junior year.

I hope everyone else enjoyed Writer's Guild this year. And hopefully Figrin and Elena will lead it well in the next year.

No good-byes, because I know we'll meet someday on the road of life. (This obviously referrs to the club and not individuals)
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Here are the fruits of our labor from this past meeting, which I so generously typed for all you lazy people. If you're interested in scriptwriting, grab a plot and head on over to Script Frenzy. If you don't feel like writing a script, then write something else. But I think Script Frenzy is a much better idea, because then you actually get something out of it. :D

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Good job at the car wash today guys, we made $53.
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Basically what I've deduced is that everyone is still willing do to do some grade-A car washing. The situation is thus:

-I'm actually at Stefan's house right now, and he's totally willing to get in his Bigfoot suit and help us wash cars.

-I can get most of the supplies for the wash myself (hose, rags, a small bucket, probably soap), though some help getting backup stuff would be nice (maybe a squeegee sponge?).
-We're completely set up at Top's for 1 o'clock.

-We don't have any signs. I can crudely piece some together beforehand though.

-I'm pretty sure Calvin is willing to come to help out, though I don't want to call his house so late at night. I think 3 people will be enough to pull off a car wash.

-Weather doesn't look like it's going to be a problem.

So overall I think we're capable of doing this. It would be absolutely awesome if other people wanted to show up and help- if you do just stop by for any amount of time between 1 and 4 and bring anything you think might help as far as washing goes.

Note to Calvin: I'll try to call you sometime tomorrow around 10-11:00
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We are set for the car wash tomorrow. This is on really short-notice, and I understand we might decide that a Writer's Block isn't possible, and the weather isn't really car-wash weather but

...if you're still interested and/or able to help with the car wash just post and say so

...if we do decide to go through with the car wash it'll be from 1:00 PM to around 4:00 PM

We might decide that a Car Wash isn't needed any more or won't be worth it. I've still got to talk to Calvin about this so I'll be sure to give it another post tonight when we've all gotten coordinated.

Make sure you check back by later tonight or tomorrow morning if you're interested in helping out.

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There hasn't been any reply from Top Foods as of yet regarding the car wash on Monday, so if it remains that way I'll be calling them later tonight. Just wanted to keep you guys posted- nothing is really finalized yet though.
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